When Superheroes Retire

The most famous tale of retired superheroes is Watchmen (DC Comics).  With the appearance of the Comedian’s button in DC’s Rebirth titles and the upcoming Doomsday Clock, now is a good time to re-read Watchmen.  If you haven’t read it lately, you might have missed some of the references in The Button story arc from Batman #21-22 and The Flash #21-22.  Sure, you could watch … Continue reading When Superheroes Retire

Remember When Issue #1 Meant Something?

There was a time when the first issue of a comic was a BIG DEAL.  Something new.  Something worth collecting.  Something a serious collector might buy in multiples because reading issue #1 could spoil its pristine nature.  Sadly, much of this is behind us now.  Big business wants bigger money.  If issue #1 sells more than any other issue, then logic states that more money … Continue reading Remember When Issue #1 Meant Something?

Road Trips and the Apocalypse 

I’m on the road for a bit, so some of the usual style for On the Shelf is being set aside — like a comic that you simply had to buy and then tossed aside onto your ever-growing stack of books to read.  An accumulation of various stories, thoughts, and ideas with the tenuous connection of being co-located in a pile.  A stockpile that is … Continue reading Road Trips and the Apocalypse 

Make A Perception Check

If you play Dungeons & Dragons or similar games, you may be familiar with some of the related comics.  There are a number of stories tied into the worlds of the Forgotten Realms (D&D) and Golarion (Pathfinder), as well as those featuring Minsc and Boo, in an appeal to fans of the Baldur’s Gate computer games.  These are the obvious D&D comics. The next time you are … Continue reading Make A Perception Check