January 2017 Previews

I thought I was ready to pre-order my comics and then I took another look at the January 2017 Previews catalog.  Some months there is nothing much and I desperately search for interesting and new.  Other months find me making choices about where to spend my money.  Dragons love adding comics to their hoard, but they are also reluctant to part with too many shiny … Continue reading January 2017 Previews

December 2016 Previews

Every month, I receive the Previews catalog in anticipation of something new and exciting in the world of comics.  Some months, I am sorely disappointed.  At first glance, this seemed to be one of those months.  Digging deeper and taking another look through hundreds of pages, I found a few things that piqued my interest.  Other than the usual titles, this month has me looking … Continue reading December 2016 Previews