We Belong Together

Cats like dragons.  Dragons like cats.  Cats and dragons are very much alike.  We are fantastically curious.

We like exploring new worlds, snoozing in sunbeams, playing with toys, gazing down at the world, and curling up with a good book.

Whether cat or dragon or some other species, bring your curiosity and join our adventures.

Tales for Scales

Dragon loves comic books and can hardly wait for each New Comic Book Day (#NCBD) to arrive.  Wednesdays can be the best day of the week.

Dragon likes to plan her attack on an unsuspecting local comic shop.  She prepares months in advance by settling in with a paper copy of Previews, a page turning adventure in itself!  Rather than hoarding the secrets about what’s to come, Dragon shares her favourite finds — and sometimes her fiery opinion — in the monthly feature For the Hoard.

Hoarding comics is easy.  Finding the time to read them all takes more effort.  Tales for Scales is not intended to provide a detailed review of any upcoming books.  Dragon hasn’t read them yet and it will be months until these comics are available.  Eventually, they will be devoured and end up On the Shelf.  That’s when Cats and Dragons can let you know if they were purr-fect or in desperate need of some cleansing dragonfire.

Breathe some fire and get a glimpse of some treasures before your next trip to the comic shop by stopping HERE first.

On the Shelf

Sometimes things on the shelf get a bit fluffy and dusty.  There is never enough shelf space for all the new comics and books.  Once in awhile, one of the cats clears a spot for that which is truly important: Cat.

After the excitement of previewing that which might be hoarded by Dragon, purchases are made and the books slowly migrate from the to-read pile to the bookshelf.  If there was anything interesting about a book, those thoughts will be passed along… if and when Cat feels that you might be worthy of the knowledge that only he can dispense.

Our curled-up-on-a-couch, soaked-in-a-sunbeam reviews can be found HERE.

All the shiny things…

Dragons hoard more than comics.  This should be patently obvious.  After all, DRAGON.  Nerd dragons are particularly fond of LEGO, tabletop games, miniatures, and other assorted items.  Dragon even collects dragons, but perhaps no one should be surprised by this.

Glimpses into the non-comic hoard can be found HERE.