June 2017 Previews

It’s summertime and the perfect time for catching up on comics.  If you haven’t got a stack waiting to be read, then be sure to pick up a few extra books for rainy day adventures.  And sunny day adventures.  You can read comics any time of the year and in any weather.

Coming soon — August 2017 — to a comic shop near you…

Talking ‘Bout My Generation

If you’ve been around comics awhile, you have seen the evolution of a number of Marvel Comics characters.  Some have returned to their youth and others have passed their title to another individual.  This month sees the first five one-shot titles in Generations, pairing old and new versions of characters: The Thunder (Unworthy Thor and Mighty Thor); The Phoenix (teenager Jean Grey and her classic self); The Strongest (Hulk Bruce Banner and Totally Awesome Hulk Amadeus Cho); The Best (Wolverine Logan and All-New Wolverine Laura); and The Archers (Kate Bishop Hawkeye and a younger version of Clint Barton).  Altogether, there will be 10 issues of Generations published weekly starting in August.  These might make for some fun in the midst of the Secret Empire battles.

Heavy Metal?

DC Comics summer event is here and it is dark and exciting!  If you didn’t pick up the prequel one-shot titles Dark Nights: Forge and Dark Days: The Casting, you might want to run out to your local comic shop and grab a copy now.  Dark Nights: Metal is coming, revealing the Dark Multiverse and all of its devastating dangers in six issues.  We don’t want to miss this one.

Introducing: The Universe

If you are curious about other comic book worlds, now is the time to take a look at the Valiant Universe.  Valiant publishes X-O Manowar, Faith, Bloodshot, and a number of other titles.  Jumping into a whole new world can be daunting, but Divinity #0 will give a chance to take a look at what’s out there.  The character Divinity is a lost cosmonaut with god-like powers who returns to Earth to bear witness to the world and all of the characters from the Valiant Universe.  This is terrific place for jumping on or for satisfying your curiosity about some of the stories and characters outside the usual Marvel and DC books.

Notable Number Ones

What if Amelia Earhart disappeared by flying into another dimension?  Elsewhere #1 (Image Comics) follows Amelia into a strange new world and looks at her struggles to return home.

For Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday, there will be reprints and variant covers from both Marvel and DC to celebrate this incredibly influential comic creator.  In addition, look for a fresh return of one of Kirby’s New Gods.  Mister Miracle #1 (DC Comics) is a story about Scott Free, the greatest escape artist who ever lived.  Twelve issues are planned to explore the one trick Scott hasn’t mastered — how to escape death.  Mister Miracle may be unfamiliar, but this is one we don’t want to miss.  It is written by Tom King, the man who gave us an extraordinary Vision.

Collected Tales to Curl Up With

If you missed any issues of The Button (DC Comics) or were waiting for them to be published in a book, now is the time to pre-order a deluxe hardcover edition.  This is the story which continues to explore the mystery of the Watchmen Comedian’s yellow smiley face button showing up in the Batcave.  The deluxe book collects Batman #21-22 and The Flash #21-22 and wraps the hardcover in a lenticular dust jacket.  Unless you live outside the U.S. and Canada or if you decide to wait and pick up the book later.  Dragon has all of the shiny lenticular single issues, but that isn’t stopping her from getting another shiny thing for the hoard.

Ongoing Adventures

Continuing on with lots of curious and different titles.  This month includes Curse Words #7 (Image), Descender #23 (Image), Eleanor & The Egret #4 (Aftershock), Grass Kings #6 (Boom! Studios), and Redneck #5 (Image).  Wizards, robots, thieves, exiles, and vampires.

Our costumed capers include Batwoman #6 (DC) and The Pitiful Human-Lizard #16 (Chapterhouse).  We are still clinging on to Amazing Spider-Man #31 (Marvel), despite the Secret Empire interrupting the plot line.  Seems strange that everything else Marvel has disappeared from our pull list.

Until next month’s previews… keep reading.


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