A Crown of Fangs for Stylish Adventures

Despite the near absence of dragons** the latest set of miniatures for Pathfinder arrived in our collection.  Today’s fun was opening a brick (8 boosters) from Crown of Fangs and checking out the latest in monsters and heroes that might grace the gaming table in a Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

**Crown of Fangs contains one dragon, the extremely rare Grey Maiden Dragon Rider.  We managed to get one of these beautiful minis by paying the price for a single and pre-ordering it from a shop.  As it happens, the store opened two cases (8 bricks or 64 boosters with 256 individual minis) and only had two Dragon Riders to sell individually.  Sometimes the extra cost is worth it.

Random Distribution

The distribution of commons, uncommons, and rares was the same in Crown of Fangs as our brick from the previous set, Deadly Foes.  We received 3 rare figures, were missing 3 commons, and got 3 duplicates.  This set has dungeon dressings and we ended up with two of them.  Honestly, the lectern has got to be the most disappointing thing we opened.  It’s a small, brown stand, scaled for a human mini to stand behind and lecture the lost on why they should accept what they receive and not pine for something more interesting.  Suddenly, the Deadly Foes Book of the Damned looks so much better sitting on its stand.

Buy Light or Heavy?

When buying a single booster, lots of people consider the weight of the box before deciding which one to purchase.  In Crown of Fangs, most of our boosters seemed to weigh more or less the same.  The box that felt the lightest held Death.  While the Bone Devil is the lightest large figure we opened, Death came with a Dog to challenge him, making the overall contents on the lighter side.

Crown of Fangs Dog and Death
Dog faces Death

At the heavy end of our boosters, we found the Leukodaemon.  This guy is clearly not going to be friendly in any encounter.  In the same booster was a solid medium-sized fellow, the Wereboar.

Crown of Fangs Leukodaemon
Leukodaemon and friends?

Troops Assemble

Crown of Fangs has several factions of troops preparing for battle.  There is no shortage of infantry, knights, and cavalry, particularly from the Reclamation order.  The mounted units are rares we didn’t get: Reclamation Cavalry and Reclamation Sky Cavalry.

Crown of Fangs Reclamation troops
Reclamation Knights, Infantry, and Squire

Presumably on the opposing side, the Skeletons arrive with surprisingly shiny armour.  This is not what you usually expect from a bunch of animated bones.  Clearly they have a tough sergeant making them polish everything between battles.

Crown of Fangs skeletons
Skeleton Champion, Cavalry, Infantry, and Spearman

The Grey Maidens also make an appearance in this set, adding strength to the few who appeared in the Shattered Star mini collection.  We didn’t get the common Grey Maiden Guard, but can probably track her down as a single somewhere.

Crown of Fangs Grey Maidens
Grey Maiden Dragon Rider (purchased separately), Captain, and Archer

Crown of Fangs also contains a pair of Red Mantis Assassins.  Our brick didn’t hold either one.

I think my favourite part of this set is some of the colours.  The blue-black of Death and the Grey Maiden’s dragon also shows up on the Geist, but with more black overtones.  The muted red of the Red Reaver is fabulous and turns him into a gorgeous beast.

Crown of Fangs is full of characters designed for use with the Pathfinder adventure path Curse of the Crimson Throne.  Regardless of the campaign you are playing — or if you collect pre-painted miniatures for fun — the Crown of Fangs miniature set holds a good range of player and non-player characters with decent choice of large monsters to encounter.  They will add some style to your tabletop adventures.


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