May 2017 Previews

May is an exciting month for comic nerds.  Free Comic Book Day added several good reads to the hoard and then there was a Comic-Con not far from the cave.  So many comics!  A chance to meet writers and artists.  All of the celebrities, amazing costumes, toys, games, t-shirts, and more.  It can be so overwhelming that you might almost forgot to dive into the Previews and double check your monthly comics order.  Dragons aren’t forgetful like that.  Not at all.

Coming soon — July 2017 — to a comic shop near you…

Summer Fun

Last month, Dragon resisted the hype that the comic shop guy had for a crazy new title.  Why on earth would anyone want to read something called Shirtless Bear-Fighter (Image Comics)?  It sounds goofy and stupid.  A guy without a shirt punches bears.  But there is something about this title.  Maybe we should forget about the seriousness of good superheroes turned to evil (Hail Hydra?) and have some fun this summer!  Shirtless is going to punch his way through some bears and we’ll even meet the Hillbilly Warlock.  The #WarOnBearror has begun!  (Yes, Shirtless is on Twitter and already punching bears.)

If that sounds too crazy, Marvel Comics has their Secret Empire event already underway with a main title and loads of tie-in issues in every other comic.  Meanwhile, the DC Universe is going dark this summer.  Their event is warming up some more with another one-shot called Dark Days: The Casting #1.

Collected Tales to Curl Up With

We somehow got hooked on a few of DC’s Rebirth titles.  With single issues of major titles appearing twice a month, the trade paperbacks are hitting the shelves more frequently.  This month we’re picking up Batman Vol. 3: I Am Bane and Wonder Woman Vol. 3: The Truth.  There’s something irresistible about cats and it looks like the Bane story has more Bat/Cat adventures, not to mention this has been a solid Batman book so far.  As for Wonder Woman, Vol. 1 was The Lies and now we need The Truth.  (Vol. 2 is the Year One story.)

Elsewhere, our friends at Chapterhouse Comics have an intriguing trade paperback called Spirit Leaves.  This is the complete 5-issue series about an albino deer girl training to be a shaman.  She sets off to the mystical forest to find out what is causing an imbalance.  The art looks amazing and the story is sure to be something different.

This month also sees Dragon having to put her money where her mouth is.  She has frequently said that a female Thor was unnecessary because Asgard already has strong female warriors who could be in comics.  Like Sif.  Which was apparently was a one-shot comic in 2010.  More of Sif’s story appeared in several issues of Journey Into Mystery in 2011.  Now it is time to buy Sif: Journey Into Mystery – The Complete Collection TPB (Marvel Comics).  The gods have their revenge.

Ongoing Adventures

It has finally happened.  Ongoing adventures from Marvel and DC are now seriously outnumbered by independents.  Deadpool flew to the moon and that was our exit point.  The Spider-Man/Deadpool bromance has moved to a new creative team, but the first issue of the new arc claims that our heroes have decided not to be funny anymore.  It might be a good story, but we’re going to pass.  We loved their funny.

Ongoing for the hoard are some mysterious and beautiful titles.  The Black Monday Murders #8 (Image Comics), Descender #22 (Image Comics), Grass Kings #5 (Boom! Studios), and Redneck #4 (Image Comics).

And some fun.  Curse Words #6 (Image Comics) and the Kamandi Challenge #7 (DC Comics).

Until next month’s previews… keep reading.


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