Dragon Surprise

Recently, the number of discount bins at my local comic shop increased.  After numerous visits, I finally had the time and inclination to flip through some of the contents.  Much to my surprise, I walked away with 25 comics.  At a dollar each, why not?  Part of the reason for the huge haul was discovering a solid run of issues in a few titles, starting with issue #1.  Normally, discount dollar comics are the odd issue from a title that are only good for those who are looking to fill in the blanks of their collection.  But when I see #1-8 of something sort of interesting, I take it.  The financial investment is less than two comics at full price and roughly half the price of the same story in a trade paperback.  And if I’m lucky, the story and artwork will be at least slightly enjoyable.

This is what happened when I picked up Drax #1-8 (Marvel Comics).  You know Drax.  The muscle from Guardians of the Galaxy.  The first movie was amusing, the comics are often fun, and the discounted price meant I had little to lose if this spin-off title was dreadful.  I didn’t know anything about Drax’s story so maybe it was time to learn more.  I grabbed the comics without paying attention to the covers, other than to confirm I had a numerical run from issue one to whatever I could find in the discount bin.  What I ended up finding when I sat down to read them was a delightful dragon surprise.

This is the story of Drax, on his own, on a quest to kill Thanos.  He winds up on some nameless backwater planet in need of a mechanic to fix the junk spaceship he borrowed from Rocket Raccoon.  Sure, why not?  Seems like a reasonable side story for a member of the Guardians.  But then, at the end of issue three… OMG!  IT’S A DRAGON!

Fin Fang Foom
Space dragon!

My dragon heart grew three sizes that day.  For all of the comics read and hoarded, how did I not know about Fin Fang Foom?  What a gloriously handsome creature!  Ok, so the protagonist, Drax, needs to fight and defeat him, but this is a recurring theme for dragons.  The knights are almost always against us.  You learn to live with it.

Overall, Drax was a pleasant surprise from the discount bin.  The only disappointment was to discover that the last issue I had ended with the hatching of a dragon egg.  More dragons!  Now there is a new quest.  Drax was only 11 issues.  Time to hunt for #9-11 and discover the fate of a newly hatched one who sounds like a cat.  Who cares about Drax looking for Thanos?  Dragons are what really matter in space.

Dragon meow

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