March 2017 Previews

Many good things for the hoard this month and some of them are free!

Coming soon — May 2017 — to a comic shop near you…

Free Comic Book Day!

The excitement is building.  The first Saturday in May is the annual Free Comic Book Day.  This means exactly what it sounds like.  Walk into a comic shop on Saturday, May 6, 2017 and pick up some comics for free.  Best day of the year!  But it isn’t just any comic book.  Each of the publishers prints special comics that local comic shops order and give away.  These books are often teasers to current titles to tempt you to buy an ongoing series and each book might contain samples of a few different stories.  Sure, it is a marketing thing, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your hands on a few free books.  The only thing that might stop you is other comic fans.  Comic shops will order in different amounts of free books and the titles they order will vary a bit from store to store.  Some stores have people queuing to get their hands on a freebie.  Some stores run out of the free books before noon.  Other stores might still have a few on hand the next day.

This year, we’d love to get a copy of a few fun titles.  I Hate Image will have Gertrude from I Hate Fairyland crossing into the other worlds of Image titles, including Saga, The Walking Dead, and Descender.  Chapterhouse Comics has a book to introduce our favourite Canadian hero, Captain Canuck, with a bonus story from Die Kitty Die.  Other free comic books include Star Trek: The Next Generation (IDW Publishing), Doctor Who with four doctors (Titan Comics), and an X-O Manowar special (Valiant Entertainment).  If you have young children – or want to corrupt nieces and nephews with free comics – there are plenty of titles for that age group too.

Check out for more information and all of the titles you might be lucky enough to find near you.

New and Notable

If you missed the post about #1 issues having meaning, you will find it here.  That covers most of what is new in Marvel this month.  From that bunch, we’re adding All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 to our list.

Elsewhere in comics, BioWare fans might want to step away from gaming and read some tie-in stories from Dark Horse Comics.  Mass Effect: Discovery #1 (of 4) launches an Andromeda tale about a young Turian recruit going undercover.  In the other franchise, Dragon Age: Knight Errant #1 (of 5) involves thievery in Kirkwall.

If history is more your style and you enjoyed Lake of Fire, you might want to check out Pestilence #1 (Aftershock Comics).  What if the black death of the late 14th century was something other than a plague?  Imagine the first non-recorded zombie infestation being vanquished by ex-Crusaders.  If Dragon liked zombie tales, she would add this to her hoard, but she’s chosen something from the future instead of the past.  Samaritan #1 (Image Comics) is the story of a woman with a vendetta and the technical know-how trying to take down the largest military contractor in the world.  She wants to steal their research and give it away, but will need to survive to pull it off.  It sounds like Robin Hood has a future in cyber crime.

Collected Tales to Curl Up With

Only one trade paperback for the hoard this month.  Motor Girl Vol.1: Real Life (Abstract Studios) sounds like the right amount of fun for silly cats and dragons.  Samantha runs a desert junkyard with her imaginary gorilla friend, Mike.  When a UFO crashes, they befriend the little green pilot and then things get interesting when an industrial tycoon wants to seize Samantha’s property.  It sounds a bit ridiculous, but don’t get it confused with Motor Crush Vol.1 (Image Comics).  Motor Crush is the story of Domino Swift.  By day, she competes in worldwide motorcycle races.  By night, she fights rival gangs to possess the rare engine-boost contraband known as Crush.  One mechanically inclined female protagonist is enough for us for now and this time we choose the lighthearted version.

Ongoing Adventures

A few changes to the single issue comic book hoard.

Deadpool no longer amuses us and with yet another crossover Marvel story in the works, now seems like the time to let go.  We’re picking up the oversized #30 – Deadpool goes to space! – and stopping there.  It’s a nice even number.  Deadpool #31 is part of the Secret Empire event, along with oodles of other Marvel titles and a nine issue main story.  In Secret Empire, Steve Rogers reveals his Hydra allegiance to everyone (in the comics, we already know) and the Marvel universe changes in ways nobody will expect… Dragon is not rushing out to add any Secret Empire to the hoard.

Elsewhere, Deadpool’s team-up with Spider-Man continues to have lots of banter and craziness and big things are happening for Peter Parker since the Clone Conspiracy ended.  Still on our list: Spider-Man/Deadpool #17 and Amazing Spider-Man #27.

DC Comics has another quick crossover.  In four issues entitled The Lazarus Contract, Deathstroke finds out that Wally West’s return is the key to bringing his son back from the dead.  (Without the Lazarus Pit, there must be another way to cheat death.)  In this story, the Titans, Teen Titans and Deathstroke collide, revealing secrets and breaking alliances.  Pick up Titans #11, Teen Titans #8, Deathstroke #19, and Titans: The Lazarus Contract Special #1 for the full story.

And finally, Curse Words #5 (Image Comics) brings the first story arc of Wizord (and Margaret) to an end.  If you’ve been curious about the wizard (and his koala friend) who suddenly appeared in New York City, issue #1 has been reprinted.

Until next month’s previews… keep reading.


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