February 2017 Previews

So many possibilities for the hoard this month.  Whatever shall we do?  The good news is that Dragon won’t complain in the weeks ahead that there was nothing at her local comic shop on new comic book day.  A grumpy dragon on a Wednesday can make the rest of the week difficult.

Coming soon — April 2017 — to a comic shop near you…

New Titles

Sometimes there is something about a title that draws you in.  The words capture your attention and you become fantastically curious to know more.  Consider for a moment Eleanor and the Egret #1 (Aftershock Comics).  This new series is described as “a peculiar and unforgettable tale of birds and banditry, paintings and pets, larceny, love and … lamprey-wielding assassins? ”  Colour me intrigued in a Dirk Gently sort of way — although it was an albatross in the book, not an egret.

Also from Aftershock Comics, World Reader #1 tells the story of an astronaut travelling the universe to find out what is killing planets.  Sarah wants to save Earth from being the next to die, but she is being hunted and struggles to maintain the trust of her crew.  If Dragon had all the gold in the universe, she would trade some to get this new title too.

Aftershock is definitely becoming a publisher to keep an eye on.

Meanwhile in Marvel, the number of issues #1 never seems to stop. This month there are a few new titles falling out of the battle between Inhumans and X-Men (IVX).  The X-titles proliferate into a Blue and a Gold team, posing a challenge for mutant fans.  A new title with the original five (X-Men Blue) or an all new team of the most iconic (X-Men Gold)?  It’s times like this that we look at our comic hoard and realize that the Uncanny X-Men from the late 80s is enough mutant for us.

The Button

If you read the one-shot Rebirth story, you have probably been wondering if DC Comics was ever going to follow up on the Watchmen button.  Cats and dragons everywhere will want to pounce on a few titles to find out more.  Batman #21-22 and The Flash #21-22 will contain parts 1-4 of The Button.  If you live in Canada or the US, try to get the lenticular covers.  Unfortunately, it sounds like the button artwork won’t be available in other countries.

Collected Tales to Curl Up With

If you missed the single issues of We Stand On Guard (Image Comics) and didn’t want to spring for the hardcover collection, rejoice in knowing that this brilliant tale of future Canadian freedom fighters is now available in a trade paperback.  Dragon has the single issues, leaving room on the shelf for other books.

The even numbered issues of Wonder Woman (DC Comics) are now available in Vol.2: Year One TP.  This is a completely different story from the odd numbered issues, so you should be ok without the first volume.

If you like the other Hawkeye (the better one?), the book with abs is available.  Hawkeye: Kate Bishop Vol.1 TPB (Marvel Comics) collects issues #1-6.

If you were wondering how Thor (the Odinson) lost his hammer, The Unworthy Thor (Marvel Comics) hits trade paperback.  This collects the 5 issue story of his quest to regain worthiness.

Ongoing Adventures

Deadpool fans, don’t forget that there are three titles to pick up to complete ‘Til Death Do Us…: Spider-Man/Deadpool #16, Deadpool & the Mercs for Money #10, and Deadpool #29.

Black Monday Murders #5 starts a new story arc, The Fourth Planet makes its quarterly appearance in #5, and the Kamandi Challenge carries on in #4 (of 12).

Until next month’s previews… keep reading.


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