The Obligatory List

Cats are lazy.  Or so humans like to think.  If there is a sunbeam, a warm pile of laundry, or a small box, a cat will happily curl up and spend the day there.  Dragons like to curl up and snooze too, but it isn’t always easy finding a suitable box.  With everyone snoozing — some from excess of food and drink — there is not a lot of energy being channelled into curiosities.  This leaves us with the obligatory list.

‘Tis the season for listing the best or worst of last year or for making a list of all that we might try to accomplish in the new year.  The easier one to create is the list looking back.  Thanks to Goodreads and diligent tracking, here’s an unranked list of the graphic novels and comic trade paperbacks we read in 2016 (single issue titles not included).  Links to On the Shelf reviews are provided, in case you missed what we had to say about them earlier.  If you want to know what we thought about any of the other titles, leave a comment below.

NOTE: Not all of the books on this list were published in 2016.  When you have a dragon hoard and also borrow from the public library, keeping up is simply not possible.  And that’s part of the fun of comics.  There is always something to discover!


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