How Many Dragons Fit in a Box?

The question of how many dragons fit in a box has been around for years.  It is a different concept than the relationship between cats and boxes.  For cats, an empty box of any size is a potential resting place.  Dragons and boxes are more closely related to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, but the answer isn’t quite the same.  For dragons, it isn’t about celestial power; it is about magic.  When the box in question measures 7.5″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″, the magic involved is Magic: The Gathering.

M:TG players haven’t seriously looked into how many dragons are in a box for a few years now.  An opportunity arose (a.k.a. discounted price) to revisit the question.  The box in question is styled a “Fat Pack” which one might assume provides ample room for numerous dragons, particularly for cards from Dragons of Tarkir.

[On a side note, the name of this type of packaging was changed to “Bundle” with the release of the Kaladesh set.  A Kaladesh Bundle has more cards, fewer dragons, and doesn’t insult the box.]

How many dragons fit in this box?

After some time-travelling shenanigans by a magic wielding Planeswalker, the land of Tarkir became ruled by dragons instead of khans.  The bloody clan wars which might have been are now battles under the rule of five legendary dragonlords.  The people of the five clans have come to embody the predominant aspects of their dragon masters: endurance, cunning, ruthlessness, speed, and savagery.  This is a good time for dragonkin.

The world is full of the influence of dragons.  There are those who would learn from the dragons and those who serve.  The battles are fought with dragons and against.  Some build monuments and others suffer scars.

Legendary dragons are not the sort to be found hanging about in a box.  While it is possible to catch a glimpse of these mighty beasts, it is unlikely.  There are other, smaller dragons that do fit quite readily into a box.  These are the dragons that lead us to an answer.

How many dragons fit in a box?  Six.

Does every box contain a cat?  Yes.

Six Dragons and a Cat (of sorts)

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