Welcome, Deadly Foes

Buying a “brick” of miniatures for your Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons games is a smart approach if you love miniatures, want all the miniatures, and don’t want a tonne of duplicates.  A brick is 8 booster boxes of minis, shrink-wrapped together, and less likely to hold duplicates than 8 random boxes from the store shelf, especially if the 8 boxes are purchased one at a time.  Minis are produced as common, uncommon, and rare.  Bricks are packaged with this in mind.  Buying a case of 4 bricks means you are almost certain of getting every mini released in a set.

Whether sold for Pathfinder or D&D, minis are usable in either game.  They add interest to the scenario and can help players visualize how big, bad, and scary the monsters really are.  Each booster box contains four pre-painted plastic minis, one large and three small/medium figures.  This means that a brick holds 32 minis to add to your adventures!

The latest series of minis for Pathfinder Battles is entitled Deadly Foes.  It comes as no surprise that Dragon wanted a brick for the hoard.  Because opening new things is part of the fun, Dragon started with what seemed like the heaviest box and finished with the lightest.  Here are a few findings from her brick.

By the Numbers

  • 46 numbered figures in the set
  • 2 huge minis (not found in booster boxes)
  • 6 rare unnumbered dungeon dressings
  • 32 minis in a brick
  • 3 duplicates in Dragon’s brick
  • 3 numbered rares
  • 2 dungeon dressings
  • 3 commons missing
  • 4 devils
  • 5 celestial beings
  • 1 sentimental hit
  • 1 disappointing miss

A Few Pictures

The heaviest booster usually has the meanest, hardest hitting, bad dude around.  This time it was the Pit Devil, which is packaged with one wing not yet attached.  On the lighter side, note the oh-so-evil book on a pedestal.  Because books are bad.  This one is not attached to the stand, so be wary of it finding a way into your bag of holding.

Heaviest Booster vs Lightest Booster

Light takes on dark in Deadly Foes.  There are 5 devils by name, ranging from the tiny Accuser Devil on his clear plastic post up to Mr. Big and Scary from the Pit.  Two Celestial Lanterns may not be enough to frighten away the shadows.

Devils vs Celestials

Camera shy today are a trio of hobgoblins and the pets from Hell.  The Invisible Guardian was difficult to see and the Unicorn seems to have run off already, presumably looking to spend some time with the horses at the Rusty Dragon Inn.  Perhaps this explains why the only smaller riding beast is a dog.

Hit and Miss

Sentimental Hit goes to the Unicorn.  There are a lot of unicorns kicking around here from a decades-old collection of things.

Disappointing Miss goes to the House Drake.  The drake was missing from the brick, but will hopefully show up as an individually sold mini at the local geek store.  He is so cute and small and would make an excellent house pet.

Overall, Deadly Foes has some really detailed figures that are a welcome addition.


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