November 2016 Previews

This month’s comic Previews looks a bit like The Revenge of the 70s.  Along with some trades we’ve been waiting for and the usual ongoing single issues, Dragon will have to give up a bit of shiny treasure to get these Tales for Scales.  Coming soon — January 2017 — to a comic shop near you…

Welcome Back

Both DC and Marvel are channeling a bit of Jack Kirby with their upcoming comic events.  For Marvel, it is the return of the monsters in Monsters Unleashed, an epic battle of every superhero/ mutant/ inhuman in the world against all of the giant monsters that roamed through the comics of the past.  In addition to the main story, several ongoing series will have one-shot tie-in stories noted as #1.MU.  And if that isn’t enough, some of the variant covers will feature Gwen Stacy styled monsters which have been dubbed Gwensters.  If you like classic monster tales, this might be for you.  I’m going to hold back on this one for now and only get Spider-Man/Deadpool #1.MU.

DC is also stepping back in time.  Remember Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth?  You don’t?  Dragon searched through the hoard and found a few copies of this 1970s classic, including a tale with Batman!

You can’t enslave me… you bat creature!

This month announces the Kamandi Challenge and even if you don’t know Kamandi, you might want to check this out.  The challenge is this: each of the 12 issues will be written and drawn by a different creative team.  Each issue will end with an “unimaginable cliffhanger” that the next team will have to resolve.  Sound crazy?  Yes, it does.  Given the existence of Kamandi in Dragon’s comic stash, we aren’t going to miss this one.  Thankfully, to bring everyone up to speed on Planet Earth, A.D. (After Disaster), you can also pick up the Kamandi Challenge Special #1 which will be a reprint of the 1975 Kamandi #32, plus the origin story and a map of Earth from after the disaster.

Elsewhere in the 1970s, Wonder Woman ’77 is busier than ever.  Last month it was a new title with the Bionic Woman.  This month it is a new book with Batman ’66.  Does she ever stop?

Meanwhile, Archie, Betty, and Veronica are back on the scene with the rest of the gang like never before.  Riverdale #1 (Archie Comics) is a one-shot comic to get everyone hyped for the CW television series.  There’s also a Road to Riverdale (Archie Comics) trade which includes the first issues of the various new Archie series.  This is not the Archie or Jughead your mom bought at the grocery store checkout.  Riverdale has changed into something modern.

So many things from the past.  I think Kamandi is enough for me right now.

Collected Stories to Curl Up With

Sometime you see a new title and it sounds interesting, but you don’t buy it.  Fortunately, comic trade paperbacks can save you from missing out altogether.  Black Hammer (Dark Horse) is one of those titles.  Heroes banished from existence by a crisis in the multiverse are now living in a farming town.  Volume 1 collects issues #1-6.

If you didn’t pick up the single comics for Black Monday Murders, but were intrigued by Cat’s review, the first trade has been announced for issues #1-4.

On the animal front, The Autumnlands Vol.2 (Image Comics) is one I’ve been waiting for.  Looking forward to more about the unexpected hero (human) summoned by wizards (various animal species).

The DC Rebirth into trades continues.  I’m skipping Detective Comics (Batman), Action Comics (Superman), and the Green Lantern, but I think I’ll get Wonder Woman.  A lot of good has been said about the current title written by Greg Rucka and both of the alternating stories.  Wonder Woman Vol.1: The Lies will have the odd numbered issues.  Next month will probably be a trade for the even numbered issues.

Ongoing Adventure

More of the usual Spider-Pool titles for me from Marvel. The Clone Conspiracy isn’t over yet in the Spiderverse, but I’m resisting the tie-in stories in Prowler and Silk.  The Amazing Spider-Man and the event titles are enough for me.

Deadpool’s ex-mercs for money are continuing in Foolkiller #3, Slapstick #2, and Solo #4.  I continue to ask myself ‘Why?’ and stick to the main Deadpool title.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad issues #3-6 are coming soon and DC Comics really wants you to buy into epilogue stories in the separate, ongoing Justice League and Suicide Squad titles.  Not going to pre-order an epilogue when I haven’t read even the beginning of the story.

And finally, another Descender and The Fourth Planet to add to the pile.  You can read about these books here.


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