Repairs Urgently Required

Terrible things can happen in space when an outpost has been abandoned for decades.  So many questions have been asked over and over again.  What did the researchers find?  Why did they lose communications to home?  Was there an outbreak of disease or madness?  Was there an attack from another species?  The answers may be forthcoming soon.

How did peaceful explorers end up here?

Whatever the cause of the downfall of this class space outpost, efforts are underway for its repair.  We have the bricks.  We have the technology.  The missing instructions can be found on the internet!

Positive identification has been made.

Legoland Space Centre Official News Release

Satellite imagery of the recently discovered outpost confirms the existence of a number of spacecraft, thus lending support to the theory that this is what remains of Beta I Command Base.  Given the current strategic benefits of building a stronger presence in the Beta Sector, repair crews are en route with a security team.  Expectations are that the scientific research will be recovered from remaining computer modules and that the reasons for the collapse of the outpost will be identified.

Ships confirmed within the debris are as follows:

LL918 is a runabout class transport for single pilot missions, designed with maneuvering thrusters and three landing legs.  This classic vessel was typically used for medium distance reconnaissance or small material gathering missions from a scientific outpost to various locations on the surface.

LL924 is a transporter generally crewed by two members of the research team and used to gather larger materials for study.  Transporters were typically equipped with a forklift.  The aft of the ship contained a small cargo bay.  Larger rocket engines were part of the classic transporter design, allowing for greater exploration possibilities.

LL928 is a galaxy explorer class ship and the largest research vessel from this era of space missions.  The explorer was created to travel further distances from established outposts and deploy a small ground station with a communications relay tower.  Rovers were typically used by the four-person crew to move materials into the large cargo bay via a loading ramp at the rear of the vessel.

It has not yet been confirmed that the Star Fleet Voyager is part of the debris found.  Historians have speculated for years that the SFV and her crew were instrumental in the downfall of Beta I Command Base.  Legoland Space Command has no comment on this matter.



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