Black Cats and Black Magick

From our fear of darkness and that which we cannot see, anything black becomes evil.  The black cat is a villain.  The spells cast by an unmarried woman are considered black magic.  These are the stereotypes that have survived for centuries.  But sometimes the stories are not what you think.

Catwoman Vol 2: No Easy Way Down. Ed Brubaker and Cameron Stewart. DC Comics, 2013.

Catwoman. A thief prowling the rooftops at night. Wearing a black skin-tight catsuit or a beautiful dress, she is the seductress.  Batman and Bruce Wayne need to be wary.  Selina Kyle is the black cat.  Trouble follows if she crosses your path.  Or does it always?  There is a Catwoman who uses stolen funds to open the East End Community Centre in Gotham.  This is a cat who is no more evil than Robin Hood.  And the best part of all is the practical footwear she wears on the rooftops.  Worth reading, even if the artwork throughout doesn’t match the quality of the story.

Black Magick Vol 1: Awakening.  Greg Rucka and Nicole Scott. Image Comics, 2016.

The blackest parts of the magic in this book are a surname and the artwork. Rowan Black is a detective and a witch, but not the evil stereotype. She is a Wiccan whom we see celebrating balance in the world at Mabon, the fall equinox.  The story is told in glorious black and white with a subtle touch of colour here and there and the occasional assault of brilliance bursting from the page.  There is something wicked brewing in Portsmouth, but it isn’t what you think. This book is the beautiful beginning of something intriguing.  Too bad there isn’t more to the story (yet).


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