Tales for Scales: October 2016

This month’s comic Previews holds some exciting gift possibilities for friends, curious mashups concluding, the arrival of a few trade paperbacks, and more ongoing singles.

Curiosities for the Cat

I don’t know how I missed this one, but Peter Panzerfaust (Image Comics) has reached its finale.  The story of Peter Pan has been re-imagined in France during World War II.  Curious.  Time to check my local comic shop to see if they have any of the trade paperbacks in stock.  Four volumes of this tale have already been published.

What would happen if the Justice League discovered the existence of the Suicide Squad?  It’s time to find out and you can count me in on this adventure.  Justice League vs. Suicide Squad (DC Comics) is going to be a short weekly event, but I don’t think I want to wait for the trade.  Seriously, how cool is that Harley and Batman picture from the cover of Previews?  Hopefully, the tale won’t disappoint.

It’s not entirely new, but the adult colouring book trend is moving from the world of comics into other fandom fun.  I know several people who would love to get their hands on the Dragon Age Adult Coloring Book (Dark Horse).

Collected Stories to Curl Up With

The DC Universe Rebirth.  Enough time has passed since the reboot of everything.  The trade paperbacks with the first story arcs are starting to appear.  I think I’ll give The Flash Vol 1: Lightning Strikes Twice and Batman Vol 1: I Am Gotham a shot.

Ongoing Adventure

A new story arc begins in Descender #17 (Image Comics) — an interplanetary tale of about a young robot, drawn with watercolour beauty.  Outer space needs to look more like this.

Lake of Fire (Image Comics) is already ending and I’ve only read the first issue.  I guess aliens crash landing during the medieval crusades isn’t a battle that can last for long.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot are done.  Here comes another Rocket Raccoon #1 (Marvel).  No, thank you.  If you love everything Guardians of the Galaxy, also new (again) are Gamora #1 and Star-Lord #1.  It looks like my Marvel pull list has dwindled to two characters and three titles: Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man, and Spider-Man/Deadpool.  There is yet another Deadpool spinoff (Slapstick #1) that doesn’t need to happen and I’m going to wait and see what others have to say about Kate Bishop (Hawkeye #1).


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